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Thoughts From Senior Samantha Berenter

April 10, 2012
vs. Purdue (April 8, 2012)

Samantha Berenter makes a throw to first base during the final game of the series against Purdue

After having played away for five weekends in New Mexico, Las Vegas, Fullerton, Georgia, and Oklahoma many of us were excited to play at home. Our Hoosier Classic tournament that we hosted went very well and was especially exciting to get increasing crowds full of our friends and family. It is such an amazing feeling to look up in the stands and out into the bleachers in the outfield to see our fan base growing each game—being a senior it is so exciting to see how far we have come from my freshman year. Now that we have settled into Big Ten conference play, and just having won the Purdue series might I add, our work ethic is being tested each day to keep at our team goals of winning the Big Ten and making postseason.

We have been very lucky this year with the crazy Indiana weather, having practiced outside since the end of February (even being able to get ‘suns out guns’ out a couple of days) and avoiding the typical cold winter—none of us California girls are complaining about that! The typical schedule of our team starts by having Monday off of practice following our weekend series (except for those of us lucky ones who get to go into the training room for rehab) and right into a 6:30AM lift Tuesday morning. Most of the girls have class starting either at 8:00AM or 9:30AM and go until practice starts at 1:30PM. Wednesday we have practice at 1:30PM as well, but are lucky to not have 6:30AM’s like Tuesday and Thursdays. If we are traveling for an away series we might hit in the morning Friday before getting on the bus, but if we have home games we will have normal practice at 12:30PM.

Now that we have just five weeks left in season, before we make postseason of course, it is hard to not look ahead to what is coming next. I remember freshman year thinking these next four years were going to go by so slowly and that graduation seemed so distant; now graduation is less than a month away and I can’t believe how fast time flew by. Each home series that my parents come to I slowly pack a suitcase or two to start moving home and my room has begun to look bare as I took down pictures and posters that covered my walls. “Real life” is something that seems so daunting as a freshman but now is slowly becoming reality as I talk to my fellow seniors about our plans for next year. It is sad to think how far apart we will be from each other when we have spent every waking moment together for the past four years—I intend to move back to San Diego and start graduate school in January at San Diego State in the Sport Business Management program. But then we all smile because we know that we will never actually be apart, that this special bond we have created through being teammates will never be broken. No matter where all of our separate paths take us, we will always be Hoosiers.

-Samantha Berenter

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  1. jay berenter permalink
    December 29, 2013 12:37 am

    Couldn’t have been prouder of a terrific daughter, scholar , athlete and Hoosier !!!

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